Custom Waistchain Measuring Guide ✨


For anyone needing help with measuring for body jewelry! As someone who has seen the repercussions of not properly getting a waist length correct, I believe this guide makes it simple enough to have long-lasting handmade waist jewelry :) This guide was apart of the 'Waistchain Catalogue' that will be uploaded soon so I will start listing custom waist chains on the site for everyone!!

To Measure

First, you need a measuring tape for clothing! Always good to keep handy. Usually comes in sewing kits.

Consider a Design

Depending on where you want your jewelry to hang (below the belly button or above) find an area that you can wrap around to measure.

Find an Area

Based on how intricate the design is or how often you would like to wear it, be cautious how tight, or how long you choose so nothing is tugged or ruined.


Also to note, the bead list will vary every couple of months but will always be up to date on the site.



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